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How to Shop for Jewelry on Black Friday

How to Shop For Jewelry on Black Friday

Is it your only chance to find a good deal? We have 3 questions for you to ask yourself before purchasing.

Good news! There’s more than one day a year to buy jewelry and find it at its lowest price. The red clearance sale signs are enticing, but for a once in a lifetime purchase it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best possible price.

You can still feel the satisfaction of finding the best deal without a markdown tag.  At Jewelry Design Center, our philosophy is to offer our Best Price First. No haggling, no pressure. By doing this, we’re giving everyone a fair chance to purchase the best quality for the best price any day of the year. Compare our regular prices to the sale prices of big retailers or wholesalers and you’ll see: we sell brighter jewelry and diamonds for the same money. We’re so sure about our pricing and selection that we offer a 100-day money back return policy for loose diamonds, which gives you enough time to be sure it’s the best value!


Ask yourself these 3 questions before buying jewelry on clearance:

Is the pre-markdown price impossibly expensive?

This is a technique that makes 50% off look really good. In reality, it’s simply marking it down closer to the fair pricing.

What’s the quality of the item you’re purchasing?

The price of jewelry is based on its craftsmanship and quality and rarity of materials and stones. There’s no getting around this. Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find something that is rare and meaningful.

Will this piece require extensive maintenance?

In general, lighter and less expensive metal will accrue higher maintenance costs over a lifetime. This is because lightweight metals cannot withstand everyday wear and tear and they need regular repairs to keep the piece intact.

At JDC, we stand behind our quality and craftsmanship and include a lifetime warranty with each purchase for no additional cost. Read more about our warranty HERE.