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Why the first ring selfie is so important

Admit it, one of the best things about being newly engaged is the fact that you have something new and sparkly to show your social media circle. Ten years ago, this wasn't even a thing! These days, friends and family want to share your happiness and double tap the photo if they're feeling the love. If you're worried about seeming too cliche, don't be! This is a time of life that others want to celebrate you and your significant other.  Tell a little bit about the proposal in your post - don't forget to tag your jeweler ;) You'll hear nothing but congrats and happy wishes. 

How to take a ring selfie: 

Pose your hand in natural lighting - cars in daylight have great lighting, just not while it's moving!

Avoid straightening your fingers and wrinkling your knuckles. Keep them naturally curved. 

Use your camera phone and zoom in 25% tap the center of the ring to focus the image

Snap several angles and choose your favorite. #nofilter! The ring will show off it's natural sparkle the best without.

Tag #myjewelerforlife and @jewelrydesigncenter if the ring is from us!