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Sell Your Gold

We will never value gold above honesty.

So many places buy gold nowadays, you wonder how they can all be precious metal experts—AND if they care whether or not the gold actually belongs to the seller. We believe in honesty and make selling gold safe and secure for you and our community.


Selling Options

Bring us your gold, platinum or silver—even if you’re not sure it’s real. We’ll accurately weigh and test it and quote you the price we’ll pay on the spot. You can choose payment by check or we’ll give you an in-store credit that includes a 25% bonus. Should you change your mind about selling, we’d also be glad to redesign, repair or refinish your piece instead.

Honesty Policy

Buying gold and other precious metals has been a convenience we’ve offered our customers for over 35 years now. It’s important to us, however, that we watch out for our community. And so we won’t buy gold that does not belong to the seller. To keep transactions above board, we always require a photocopy of ID and record everything on surveillance cameras, and we pay with a check. We want to be a safe and honest place to sell your precious metals.


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